Welcome to MIKA. We are proud to bring a collection of herbal products into the lives of those who love herbs, care about themselves and choose their lifestyle path to health and wellbeing, balance and happiness.

MIKA Export Group;
We focus on a set of brands in three main groups including high quality dried fruits and nuts, natural and virgin herbal products and attractive handicrafts.

Why choose us?

variety of organic herbs

A variant list of more than 150 herbs which give you accessibility to have an aware choice

the best ingredient

Containing the most natural and high-quality active ingredient which has a deeper effect during consumption

targeted customers

By segmenting the target customers, we will offer the right product to the right consumer

customized products

By choosing your desired herb and product you are able to order your own customized product

More about us

Mika Export Company, a dynamic and agile group, introduces specific products
in the field of beauty and health care, food and snacks, art and handicrafts.
We cover both B2B and B2C fields well.

Our Philosophy

Our whole endeavor is to establish a continuous business relationship with supply chain and value chain agents in various industries by creating and maintaining quality raw materials, production methods and speed in service delivery.

Our Inspiration

We offer a various selection of products with deep and long-lasting impact by applying traditional formulation derived from Iranian herbal medicine to enhance the effective properties of herbs and to diversify our products.

Innovations in offering herbal products based on ancient knowledge of Iranian herbs and Persian traditional medicine, designed to achieve a healthy life

A classified collection of herbs for easier access to a list of what Mother Earth has provided us.

As we think about the wellbeing of the Earth and its inhabitants, we offer targeted solutions to help individuals, industries and businesses to choose the most efficient and suitable herbal product

balance and heal

no stress in journey

in 5 minutes clean and neat

keep changing

Your body deserves the best

This Month's Herb: Lavender

In this month's herb introduction, we want to introduce you to Lavender's support for your health and well-being. So, let's start with a brief history of this magical herb.Lavender is a fragrant herb in the group of medicinal herbs that grow in various regions of Iran, India, China, England, and Canada, and is herbed in large farms in many countries to exploit its benefits and properties. Interestingly, this herb is a useful food in many Asian and European families.Lavender is one of the mythical herbs that has been in use for far more than 3,000 years and its variety of uses has made it widely used in many industries in addition to its therapeutic use. But how can Lavender watch out for your health status? Today's stressful lives desperately need to be taken care of. Because stress on your comfort, beauty, and health can have a number of adverse effects. So, if you are looking for relaxation and increased health in stressful lives today, Lavender is one of the first suggestions. Due to the calming properties of the compounds found in Lavender and its fragrance, it is possible to enjoy this herb in individual life, social environments, and various industries. In our set of guidelines, you will find various suggestions for the use of this magic herb.

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